Friday, February 24, 2012

Project Life: Weeks 5, 6 and 7

This is me, playing catch up again!

I apologize for the many pictures, but I want to make sure this process is documented. So here we go...

Week 5

This week was a lot of fun for me. Really busy, but packed with family time and laughs. Auntie, S and I took a trip out to Cabela's (a hunting/fishing/outdoors store). S had a lot of fun looking at all the animals. Auntie and I enjoyed the fudge shop the most :)

We also had birthday dinner for my little sister K this week. I can't believe she's already 22 (or as she says: this is her first anniversary of her 21st Birthday). We went to the Melting Pot, and once again, had the most fantastic meal. I added an insert specifically for her birthday dinner this week.

On Saturday, K and I went out for lunch to Montanna's. I had the most amazing drink called a S'more ... so sweet, but so delicious. I love the picture in the bottom right corner of K. She is a total goof, so this picture is perfect. We also went out to our favorite country bar to celebrate her birthday (which is actually on Sunday, so it's a part of Week 6 as well!).

Week 6

On Sunday, we were some tired human beings. Most of the day was spent laying around on the couch, and watching tv. In the evening, my mom's side of the family came out to take some family pictures. I still need to fill in a lot of journal in my Project Life Binder. I use a fantastic app on my iPhone called Day One to keep track of what happened each day. It even prompts you to write! Love it!

I've been playing a fun little game lately called "Black Out Poetry" (full blog post on this soon!) and thought I would add a bit of it to my binder. The picture of my steering wheel is to mark a short trip I took to my favorite scrapbooking store to find paper to create my own Project Life Cards (again, full blog post on this soon!). The last picture is a cup of Jasmine Tea I had at dinner with Auntie at our favorite Thai restaurant.

Week 7

It was Valentine's Day this week. Now normally, I am not in to this holiday at all. I find it to be so commercial (and lonely for those of us that are single), but this year was different. I actually really enjoyed myself. I even went to stand in line after work to buy flowers and a balloon for Auntie. I was the only female in the line!

The second Page has a lot of pictures of every day life. The coffee maker, which is my very best friend in the morning. Our bathroom counter, where you can definitely see that our house contains two females - make up and hair products everywhere! We also had Taco Night one night, and the last picture is of my computer screen loading a game I am addicted to on Facebook! Simple things, but things that will be neat to see 20 years down the road!

I also had an insert this week, with my most current Vision Board (another post on this coming too!). On the back are notes regarding each image and what they mean to me and what I am hoping for in my life. I'm choosing to keep these notes private, at least for now :)

Phew, three weeks of catching up. Must learn to keep on top of this project! Even though I'm not on time with each page, I'm glad I'm getting the pages done. I will be back soon with one of the three posts I promised! Wishing you a marvelous weekend!

-S xoxo

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Project Life: Week 3 and Week 4

I'm playing catch-up. Life has been so busy in my world ( like non-stop running, can't catch my breath kind of busy) and unfortunately, it hasn't been busy with all positive things.

So I did something for myself this week. I took a day off from work, and shut all my technological devices down. No phone, no computer... just me and my Project Life Binder.

It took me the entire day Friday, and an hour this morning, but I managed to almost catch up.

I'm just putting the finishing touches on this week (Week 5 already!). But first, here are the past two weeks.

Week 3:

This was a very cold week for us. We've been enjoying a very strange winter this year. Normally Alberta is plunged into a deep freeze (-20 to -30 celsius temps) for months. It has been an incredibly mild winter, until this week. With windchills, we were hitting the -40's. So lots of bundling up and staying in. Lots of internet surfing (probably why there are more "found inspiration" spots on my pages than anything else.

I did manage to get out of the house on the weekend to have coffee with my dear friend A at my favorite coffee shop. I always enjoy spending time with her and catching up. I noticed that I tend to take photos of my friend's hands to document an outing with them. Maybe it's because I know that if I lift my phone up to take a picture of their face, some of them will get uncomfortable immediately. Some of them will put on a cheesy grin, the face that everyone thinks they should have in pictures. Maybe it's because I just have a thing for hands...

Week 4:

This was a really tough week for me. I just felt like I was trying not to drown. I couldn't catch up, I couldn't express myself clearly ... tough, tough, tough. So I tried to brighten my days in any way possible (see the images of the coloured cutlery and the pretty new scarf)

I did have quite a few high points too though. My best friend S invited me to come with her on her trip to PEI (hence the suitcases), so I need to start saving travel money! It was also my dear friend R's birthday this week. Since he lives in Vancouver, I couldn't see him on his birthday. I still wanted a way to document this in my PL Binder, so I asked his love to take a snapshot of him on his big day and send it my way. I adore the picture she took. It captures him perfectly. Also, I used a SMASH Pad insert instead of a journaling card to document some of my favorite songs this week.

I also took a quick trip to my favorite scrapbooking store on Saturday morning and snapped a picture of their lovely decor. Saturday evening, A and I went out for dessert and drinks. My cheesecake was far too beautiful not to take a picture of...

Wishing you a lovely weekend and I will be back soon with Week 5!

-S xoxo