Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Project Life: Making It Your Own

I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive my Project Life Core Kit and begin assembling all my memories of everyday life of 2012. I was in awe of how simple it was, and loved that I had everything all ready for me to go. It really was as easy as jotting down memories on the lovely journal cards, printing off pictures and popping them in to the page protectors....

However, after the first couple of weeks I noticed that I wasn't as excited about working on my Project Life Binder, and it wasn't long before I figured out why.

I am a paper and scissors and glue kind of girl. I love, love, love creating and I was missing this "creative" part in my Project Life Binder. I was longing to go back to my old way of Scrapbooking, just because I missed the creation aspect.

So I decided I would continue to use the pre-designed journaling cards (and filler cards) once in a while. There was absolutely no set rule saying I had to use what was given to me in my core kit.

I got out my paper and my scissors and my glue and made my Project Life Binder my own...

This was the missing step for me. I love Project Life and I love that I will have a collection of memories of what my life was like in 2012. Do I regret buying the Core Kit... absolutely not! I gave me a beautiful jumping off point and materials to go back to when my creativity is just not there. But I love to pull out my craft supplies (and believe me I have a lot!) and spending the time to make it my own...

Wishing you a day filled with creativity,

-S xoxo

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