Saturday, December 8, 2012

What Surprises You?

A lovely soul (Hannah Marcotti) posted this question on her amazing website a few days ago and I have been rolling it around in my brain for the past few days, slowly working it (probably over-thinking it) out:

What Surprises You?

The love that S and N continue to show me, even though they are growing up

How touchy my sensitive heart is on certain subjects...

How close my dad and I have become in the past year.
*this one needs a bit of back story. My dad and I have always been close. I'm his first born and he would do anything for my baby sister and I. We have always known we are so incredibly loved. Our relationship has always been one where he felt the need to protect, almost a stereotypical Father/Daughter relationship. Now while that need is still very much there (and still very much appreciated on my part), this year we have become friends. I have to tell you, he is one of the most delightful people I know. Somehow I won the jackpot, because he truly is amazing...

How much I am enjoying the people I work with

How much hurt I will let myself endure before I finally say enough. 
 ( must work on this...)

How often the friends I have become close to in the past few years say "I Love You"
 (so very grateful for this...)

At how vulnerable (in a good way) and connected I can feel in the company of some ah-mazing women in an e-course that I am taking

How much travel to a new city (or a re-visit to my favorite city) makes me come alive

What surprises you? I'd really love to know...

Wishing you a life full of great surprises


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