Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Joyful Girl*

I had a lot of worries when I decided I wanted to blog. A lot of my self-doubts and negative thoughts kept floating around in my head. "who cares about what i think, feel, love or hate..." or "who would want to see or know about the crafts I make, the poetry I write, the photographs I take...". Then I realized something. Something that I had decided to do for fun was causing me more grief than necessary.

So here I am entering my first blog post, and I am feeling a strange mix of anxiety and excitement.

This blog will be one of my journals (of which I have around the 80 mark range), a collection of personally written and found inspiration. Quotes, lyrics, poems, photographs, arts and crafts and links to some of my favorite web spaces. A place where I can tell the world exactly how grateful and joyful I am for the gifts given to me each day, cause after all...

i do it for the joy it brings

cause i'm a joyful girl

because the world owes me nothing

and we owe each other the world...
Welcome to Tournesol Treasures...

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