Thursday, July 22, 2010

*Be in the Moment ...

I went to my first yoga class last night. While it wasn't the first time I had ever done yoga, it was the first "official" class I had taken.

We used Yoga constantly in Theatre School to bring ourselves in to the present moment, to drop everything and prepare ourselves to be the blank canvas we needed to be in order to fully take on a new character.

I forgot how difficult it was even to align my body. By the end of my second year, I could align my body and stand fully straight in two seconds. I could feel if my hips were slightly out of place or if my chin was out just a little too far. Yesterday, it took me half the class to feel completely aligned and my body screamed at me the entire time. " this is so not comfortable, what in the world are you doing to me!" my mind constantly reassuring " I promise this pain you are feeling will go away, just give it time. Remember how good it felt those years in school?! You were so connected, so grounded ... we're trying to get back there. It is so worth it, just trust me ... "

Now if I thought this was difficult, it was nothing compared to clearing my mind. This was a practice I was so good at 4 years ago. Blank mind, just be present ... done! Now I get thoughts like this swimming through my head

"I need to pick up groceries"
" Is that top I want to wear to the meeting tomorrow clean or dirty?"
" I need to call and make that hair appointment"
" I need to take my library books back"

I know these little struggles won't last forever, but I found it odd that this practice that came so naturally to me four years ago now takes a tremendous amount of work. I am sticking to it though, and making a point of being on my beautiful mat for atleast 15 minutes, even if I just lay on my back and clear my mind. It's all about learning to ....
"Be in the Moment. For it is the only moment that truly matters"

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