Saturday, October 1, 2011

How I've Been Spending My Days*

I have a confession to make...

the reason i haven't been writing this blog lately is that i have been surrounded by paper, glue, photos, buttons, glitter, twine and all sorts of other embellishments...

my name is S, and I am a papercrafter...

I've been so busy making glorious crafty messes, that I've neglected this little space. so I thought I would come back and share some of the treasures I found today on my adventure to a scrapbook store in my city.

I'm sure most papercrafters and art-makers have heard of Ali Edwards and her fabulous December Daily Project. If not, check out the links and i can almost guarantee that you will want to make one! I've wanted to make one for the past couple of years, but just haven't gotten everything together, and of course by the time I wanted to begin, there was no Christmas paper that I loved left! So this year, I am proud to say that it is October 1st and I have purchased the paper for my December Daily Project!

I love the colours and the classic Christmas feel to this paper. There were several different papers, with completely different looks that I liked and I had a really hard time choosing between them, but traditional/vintage won in the end :)

I will be honest though, paper for my December Daily Project was not what I went looking for today. I was browsing the web, and came across a new journal that I fell head over heals with. Imagine my delight when I find out, it's not just one journal, but an entire line of products! If you love to journals, take a look at K&Company's SMASH journal . I'm excited to start pasting bits of my life into this neat little book.

Hoping your weekend is filled with all the fun things you like to do, cause with my new paper and journal, i know mine will be ...



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