Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Slowing Down

I can feel it, the energy of fall...
it is a much slower energy and i am glad it is finally sinking in. Our fall has been so strange this year, with temperatures hitting almost 30 degrees (c) in late September. Yet all the leaves have been showing off their beautiful colors since late August.

I feel most myself in Autumn, when i can curl up in cozy sweaters and lovely scarves. I can feel my hibernation tendencies start to take over. I become quite a bit of a homebody in the late fall/winter, and I welcome that time. Creativity takes over, and I spend my nights working in my journals, scrap booking images, and filling my creative spirit.

I also know that with the end of Autumn, we get closer and closer to my favorite time of year, Christmas. I start preparing to enjoy that time as well.

So welcome fall, I'm so happy you've finally arrived...

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