Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our First Winter's Night

"the lamp is burning low upon my table top,
the snow is softly falling.
the air is still in the silence of my room,
I hear your voice softly calling..."
-Song for a Winter's Night

I woke up at 1 am this morning and I could just feel it. I was so sure of what I would see when i peeked out my bedroom window. there it was... snow

instead of grumbling to myself, flipping over and falling back to sleep, I got up. I made myself a cup of earl grey tea (decaf of course) and bundled up in my blanket. I pulled the curtains in my bedroom wide open and just watched...

the first snowfall always seems so magical to me. to watch the beautiful fluffy white snow cover every surface it can find in sparkling white diamonds...

I know in the months ahead, I will grumble about how tired I am of snow and how much I long for green. but for now I am marveling in the beauty of our first winter's night

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