Saturday, November 26, 2011

Welcome, Christmas*

Good Morning Lovelies,

I woke up this morning so excited for today. As many of you know, I am so very in love with Christmas, it is absolutely my favorite holiday. Not for the presents, or the food, but for the kindness that seems to radiate from everyone around this time of year. We all seem to be more tolerant, more willing to help others, and just softer versions of our normal everyday selves. There just seems to be a little more love out there...

We are taking our first step towards prepping our home for Christmas. Today is the day we put up our Christmas Tree :) There will definitely be a post full of pictures coming soon! You'll also notice that I've changed the look of my blog for Christmas as well.

Something else I wanted to share was a video of the base pages of my December Daily 2011! I am so excited to finally be doing this project instead of thinking about doing it and just never getting around to it! Of course now that I've created the base pages, I keep seeing different people's versions of the December Daily Album, and want to change mine... but I will stick with what I have this year, and change it up for next year ( no post album next year, MUST be in a binder! Way easier to add and remove things!) I would love to see your December Daily projects! If you are sharing them on your blog, or anywhere else on the web, please leave a link in the comments! Now on to the video...

As you can see, I couldn't decide on one "style" of paper. I started out with all "vintage Christmas" and the added some pages that are a little more contemporary. What can I say, I'm an eclectic type of girl and all my projects seem to reflect that. I plan to fill this little book with Christmas memories and stories. If you follow this link, you will find a list of 25 ideas for your December Daily Album, created by Ali Edwards herself.

I will definitely be using it as a reference when filling in my album!

I will be back in the next few days to share images of our Christmas tree.

Wishing you all a day filled with love,

-S xoxo

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