Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hoop Love

I don't know what it is about this magical circle of tubing and tape,
but i'm in love...

I went to my first hoop class and was hooked!

Now, i will admit, I am not a very good hooper (for some reason i just can't get waist hooping down, but am quite good at hand tricks)and haven't been hooping for very long, but there is something that makes me keep trying and trying. One day I will figure it out and never look back.

Usually, when something doesn't come naturally to me, after a while I will give up and admire from afar. Hooping isn't like that at all. I want to do it so badly, so I will keep trying. I don't get frustrated when the hoop keeps falling, in fact that usually makes me laugh. I honestly think I get more exercise from laughing at myself then I do from the actual hooping.

I have spent countless hours watching videos (there are some incredibly amazing ones out there!), reading all I can find about hooping and the culture/lifestyle and reading through the blogs of other hoop lovers. I love reading about their journeys, and their successes. It's incredibly inspiring.

This has changed so many lives in so many ways and I want to be a part of this crazy, fantastic movement of hoopers. I want to connect with the hooper inside of me (and I know she's in there) and feel the energy, the connection and most of all the love...

If you are a hooper, I would love to hear anything you want to share! Your story, how you got started...anything at all!

wishing you a lovely Sunday xo

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