Friday, January 27, 2012

Horizontal vs Vertical

I have a very hard time taking horizontal images...

It sounds so silly, but it's so very very true for me! I will take a hundred or so images, and I would be lucky if I remembered to make even one of them horizontal. This is presenting quite a challenge for me in my Project Life Journey.

Now, there are pages that allow for vertical images (thank you Becky Higgins for thinking about us strange beings that only take vertical images!) but i just find that the rest of the kit doesn't work as well with those pages. So I am issuing myself a challenge... Take More Horizontal Photos!

So far, I'm doing well when it comes to taking pictures on my iPhone, but when my DSLR gets in to my hands... still vertical for almost every shot...

oh well, call it a learning curve...

be back soon with both weeks 3 and 4 of my Project Life!

-S xoxo

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